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The Photographer

My first contact with photography was thanks to a lucky accident: in 2010 a friend gave me a Canon Mark II in compensation for breaking the computer I had lent her - an exchange that favored me.

From that moment, I have been passionate about photography. I dedicated myself to studying and mastering the craft. In 2013, I started working professionally as a portrait and event photographer. Shortly thereafter, I began working with different companies specialized in commercial photography. It has been about thirteen years dedicated to this craft. Now, as an independent photographer, I remember the first photos I took with that camera that fell into my hands by chance. Since then, I have known that I found the best way to express what I think and what I feel.

Photo Studio

The studio

After thirteen years of work, Hamayaphotography brings together all its experience to give way to Enkei, a photography studio that sets its point of view on brands and products that want to reflect their essence through professional and high-quality images. We offer creative and practical solutions for companies looking for an ally who listens to them and knows how to interpret their ideas. We specialize in product photography and achieve the best images for packaging, editorial design and fashion. We are also experts in e-commerce photography: we ensure that the images you need to publicize your products are clean, without backgrounds and with the perfect lighting to highlight their attributes. Enkei Studio discovers the essence of what you do from its best angles.

What our clients say

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Hernán. He is one of the best photographers I have met during my career. His work is ethical and professional. He is always attentive to details and he knows how to work in a team. He is extremely collaborative, knows how to lead, makes smart decisions and is efficient. Hernán raised the standard for photography, saving the company significant time and money. He was hired to shoot and edit images of products that are marketed on the web, and a year later he was already directing the photographic campaigns for Skechers, Sorel, Vans, Ecco, New Balance and other brands that we represent.

Kristina Lang

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